Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stockholm Midnattsloppet 2014

For those who don't know, Midnattsloppet is a 10km road running race that attracts a lot of runners here in Stockholm (more or less 30,000 this year). It is a sort of runners party, since excluding the first two groups, there are people running that as a masquerade. As it happened last year, last Saturday I ran Midnattsloppet as another person. I wasn't really planning to run it, but once I got the possibility, I thought it could have been both fun and a good training. In fact, it was.
Last year I was pretty lucky since the person I was replacing was ranked for starting in the second group (1b), right after the elite runners. This year I was not so lucky and I started from the back (1c, which is the last group starting at the same time as the top runners). Consequently, I struggled a lot in the first 1.5-2km to overtake runners starting ahead of me.
Midnattsloppet 2014: start
Concerning my race, in the first 7km I was able to run quite fast (around 3'15''/km), while after I got a pretty tired, especially because the race through Södermalm is kind of hilly. I finished the competition with the 11th best time (32'46''), 2' behind the winner. I took it as a test and I'm satisfied. I was able to run faster than the last year and after crossing the finish line I was still feeling fresh enough.

# No. Name Club Y SG Time
1 123 Morwabe, William (SWE) Kenya 87 1A 00:30:30
2 104 Tulu Chala, Ebba (SWE) Spårvägens FK 96 1A 00:30:46
3 137 Boström, Mårten (FIN) Sjundeå IF 82 1A 00:31:07
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
11 1353 Isaksson, Daniel (SWE) ELU IF/stockholm 74 1C 00:32:46
Full results here.

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