Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer holidays time

This year I decided to take my summer holidays in September. Apparently, it was a good choice. In Stockholm this Summer has been anything but amazing and the weather was exceeding all expectations, with the temperature fluctuating between 20 and 30 degrees from late June to late August.
In Northern Italy, on the other hand, the summer has been rather unusual; I could easily say one of the wettest and worse ever recorded since few decades ago.

On September 4th, I flew to Italy. From the physical point of view I was still blaming the race I ran the weekend before (Fjällmaraton Sälen). Despite, as I said, from muscular viewpoint trail running is less traumatic than road running, I was still feeling the long effort. In my life I haven't had any three hours race/training. Nevertheless, I planned to run a race before spending few days in Croatia. Unfortunately I could not run Primiero Ex3me relay because the cyclist who had to make the first leg got injured just few days before the race. So on Saturday 6th I got the entry for Marcialonga Running (just to stay on topic, after I ran Vasastaffetten through Vasaloppet track...). I had run Marcialonga Running two years ago, when I had just started the preparation for Reggio Emilia Marathon. Marcialonga Running is a 26.5 km road running race that follows part of the well known ski race track. Its peculiarity is that the first 22 kilometers are slightly downhill, while it ends with a climb that should reflect "La Cascata" (i.e. the last and feared climb of Marcialonga), before arriving in Cavalese. I ran together with my friend Massimo Leonardi (quite good marathon runner, also member of Saucony team) and the young Nekagenet Crippa. I managed to stay with them for more or less 10km. I wasn't feeling that strong, both because the pace was too high for my standards (31' on the first 10km) and because my legs were not that responsive when the road turned into short uphills. Therefore in the second I slowed down until the beginning of the last climb, where I tried to run relaxed and keep the pace as high as I could.
Marcialonga Running 2014: Men's podium
I ended up in 9th position, running the same time as two years ago (when I arrived 5th). I'm happy of my performance; I couldn't pretend to run faster and the level of competitors was particularly high compared to the past editions. The race was won by the strong 61' half marathon Kenyan runner Limo Kiprop, with the course record (full results here).

# Name Time Class
1 LIMO Kiprop 01:17:58 M 18/29
2 BOUDALIA Said 01:21:51 M 45/49
3 MOKRAJI Iahcen 01:22:29 M 30/39
4 GUALDI Giovanni 01:22:32 M 30/39
5 NSHIMIRIMANA Joachim 01:22:58 M 40/44
6 CRIPPA Nekagenet 01:23:52 M 18/29
7 LEONARDI Massimo 01:24:04 M 40/44
8 KIPNEGETICH Simon Rugut 01:25:51 M 30/39
9 SIMION Giancarlo 01:26:55 M 18/29
10 VILLA Lorenzo 01:27:53 M 30/39

Right after the competition, I left for Croatia. I needed a few days relaxing at the beach with friends, without thinking about work and training, and I can say that holidays in Croatia have been a wonderful.
Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Next Monday I'll fly back to Stockholm after spending these two and a half weeks of Summer vacations. I originally wanted to train well after being in Croatia, but I wasn't able to optimize my trainings, due to few days of sickness. However, I am relatively satisfied and I think that my shape is still quite good. In the last few days I have made ​​a couple of workouts on the track and one orienteering training, in order to try to remember how do you find controls since tomorrow I'll run for fun the long distance Italian Championships.

Just one week is left before Lidingöloppet, and I hope to find good sensations next week to get ready to enjoy it.

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