Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting running season 2013

Since I have been pretty busy with my job during this Winter season, from 9th of December (when I ran a marathon) I didn't take part to any competition until last weekend. Furthermore, it has been a snowy December and January in Primiero, leading to a rather bad conditions for running. 
I have not actually been training a lot during the past two months, running averagely more or less 70-80km per week. Both snow and ice on the roads didn't allow me to run any sort of workout (e.g. intervals, fartlek), generally limiting my speed to be slower than 4'/km and forcing the use of spiky shoes. 
I was born in this place, and after some years of training, I realized that the only thing you can do during the Winter season is just to wait until the Winter is gone. Apparently (and hopefully), in two weeks I will be ready for running some easy workouts, since Spring is going to come in the mountains. 
Silca Ultralite Team (Vittorio Veneto): Pradetto, Bernardi, Duca, Simion
Last weekend I started the running competitions season, which will keep me busy to the end of March with the cross country running competitions. The cross country season will end with one of my favorite races: the Italian cross country championship finals for teams (CdS), which will held in Rome. Such competition is a very tough and nice race, where I can aim for a top 30 position if I will be in a good shape.
My team has been radically changed from the last year, with two new entries in the top runners group: Fabio Bernardi and Francesco Duca. Although they are "seniors", I'm sure they will give us the possibility to be more competitive in the CdS. Both of them are coming from Violettaclub, a Calabrian team which doesn't have enough money to keep a top runners group anymore. Now the Silca Ultralite top runners group is composed by me, Francesco Duca, Fabio Bernardi, Fabrizio Pradetto, Alberto Casadei and Manuel Negrello. 
3^ CdS (Settimo di Pescantina)
Last Sunday I ran the 2nd competition of regional CdS in Vittorio Veneto (I skipped the 1st one because I was sick). I felt quite comfortable, but my speed was rather low as a direct consequence of my Winter (non)training. I got a 6th position, right behind my new team mates (full results here).
Today I took part to the 3rd competition of regional CdS in Settimo di Pescantina, closed to Verona. I tried to move my legs quicker and I got a 3rd position behind Paolo Zanatta and Simone Gobbo, two strong runners from Montebelluna and my team mates as Saucony ambassadors (full results here). I definitely ran better than last weekend. 
I feel that my shape is rising after a Winter hibernation and if I will have enough time (and motivation) for running better trainings from now, I am almost sure I can reach a  good shape for the beginning of March.  

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