Thursday, December 20, 2012

Concerning Saucony running shoes

I have been running with Saucony shoes since two years ago and right at the beginning of this week I'm glad I have known that the Italian Saucony importer is going to support me for the next year too. Saucony is a famous American brand from Boston (Massachusetts) which produces shoes since the beginning of last century. Despite the biggest part of Italian running shoes market is hold by Asics and Mizuno, there are a lot of brands which are rapidly growing their market shares, offering to the runners a huge amount of interesting model. Besides, some of them are more focusing on what an advanced runner actually needs.
Before becoming a Saucony ambassador, I tried so many pair of shoes from any different brand, without having a particular loyalty for one of them. Anyway, I would like to compare the shoes I've been using only during the past two years. The following list takes into account the different models I wore, remarking both their strong points and weak spots. I am basically a heavy runner (my weight fluctuates around 72kg) and my average training speed is quite low if compared to other runners (my slow running session speed is around 4m15s/km). Therefore, I globally prefer a pair of shoes that is more protective with a good cushioning.


Kilkenny is a spiky shoe, mostly oriented to cross competitions. It is generally more protective than other brand's shoes and it allows the runner to have a very good feeling on his feet. Wearing Kilkenny is like to put your feet on a pillow. However, Kilkenny is heavier than other spiky shoes and rather not very responsive. Therefore, I suggest it can be used for cross competition but not for track competitions.

Grid Fastwitch

Fastwitch is the Saucony model for high speed running. Basically, it aims to permit the runners to run faster than 3m20s/km, having a very good response on their feet. In my opinion, it is a rather good model, but it is maybe too light and can be used only for competing and running intervals on the track. Yet, it is a good compromise for the track beginners which don't want to use spikes. I think that a runner which is not able to run faster than 3m20s/km should not consider to buy it. The same for any heavy runner (more than 80kg).

Progrid Kinvara

The best shoe I've ever had for running half marathon and marathon distances. I guess that Kinvara is one of the most interesting models on the market for advanced runners. It has been classified as an A2 category shoe, but I think it's more an hybrid model between A1 and A2, since you are able to run short distance races (5K-10K) with a very good feeling. Kinvara is very light, but it is at the same time both protective and cushioning. Its weaknesses are that it doesn't usually last for more than 500K-700K and that it is not as reactive as other racing shoes. Still, I think that Kinvara is the best compromise both for running intervals and competitions as half marathon and marathon, with an average speed of 3m20s/km - 4m00s/km.

Progrid Mirage

Mirage was built for covering the A2 category with a good model, mainly oriented to fast training sessions. It is more protective for uncle and heel comparing to Kinvara and a little bit heavier. Besides, it lasts for at least 600K (more than what Kinvara does!). Anyway, I personally prefer Kinvara, since the two products are very close one to another. Mirage is particularly good for long interval trainings, medium speed trainings and for running any competition in a "monitored" speed (i.e. while you are training hardly and you are not able to do your best).

Progrid Ride

Ride is a training shoe that can be worn also by heavy runners. It is very reactive and it can be also adopted for medium speed sessions. The high position on the back side of the shoe guarantees the runner to have a good inclination for increasing the speed. I think that its weaknesses are its rigidity (you haven't a soft feeling on your feet) and its duration. I have never run more than 700K with Ride.

Progrid Jazz

Jazz is one of the oldest Saucony model. It is my favorite training shoe. Jazz is quite soft and not oriented to speed trainings at all, but it has just the right cushioning. Furthermore, it averagely lasts for more than 800K-900K very easily. If a runner likes to run also on a ground different than road, Jazz is the right choice. I ran manny times on the path and I hadn't any problem with the shoe resistance. Apparently, I can not indicate any weak spot of this model.

Progrid Cortana

An incredibly good model to see. And to wear, actually. It can be compared with Kilkenny because it is particularly soft to feel on your feet. Cortana is a training shoe that is oriented to the slow running sessions. Differently than other training models, Cortana is very light and responsive. The only weak spot of Cortana is that it is rather expensive!

Progrid Triumph

Triumph is thought for satisfying the heavy runner. It is a training shoe that is not as reactive as Ride. What I can feel is that Triumph is a good model for any heavy runner who wants to run slowly his daily training session, without having any cushioning problem, preserving his body and legs. The weak spot of this shoe is that it is not built for running outside the road. I personally destroyed a pair of Triumph while I was running in the mountain.

At the end, I decided to write this post because I was looking at one of the Jazz models I used during the last months, which was standing under my home stairs. The time is gone for it, but that pair was just wonderful. I think that, sometimes, when you run you get a sort of relationship with your shoes! I have no idea whether or not that pair of shoes was a fake or an exception, but on my feet it lasted for an incredibly long time. I calculated that it did something like 1,500K! Well, good job, my friend.

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