Monday, November 5, 2012

Planning an alternative week, with a short break

After three weeks of training, in which I put part of the background for the next marathon and the next spring season inside my bag, I am planning to spend the upcoming 10 days making something different than usual. Yesterday, after a 18km medium running session, my legs were totally knocked out and I felt the Venice Marathon weariness really badly. Thus, I believe that now I need a short break in order to avoid any sort of injury (this is not the right time for them!). Actually, I am going to compete in Venice (again...) the next weekend and, since the norwegian orienteer Øystein Kvaal Østerbø will be my guest for a few days before MOV, I am planning some orienteering trainings, which should give me a kind of rest, at least mentally, in the middle of the marathon preparation period.
After MOV, I'm going to visit some friends in Tuscany for three days where I'll be firstly in Lucca and then in Siena. When I'll be back, I guess I'll have both the right mood and the right shape to spend the rest of November at home, hoping that it's not going to snow before the first week of December.

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