Thursday, November 29, 2012

When the shape rises

I started the season 2012 with a series of quite good performances both in cross and road running competitions. However, both because I had to finish my master and because I took an internship in a bank, my running shape fell rapidly down in April. In the beginning of May I clearly remember that it was impossible for me to run 5K below 15 minutes, which is a sort of mental barrier to distinguish between a quite good runner and a (perhaps quite trained but) rather slow runner. Basically, I started to run again with constancy and more motivation in the beginning September, when my thesis issues were almost solved. It took to me a really long time before I could reach again a level comparable with the last year' one. Likewise after a long injury, you seem quite unmotivated, feeling your running movements like a sloth walk and not ready for any kind of effort. I started to feel well during my Swedish journey, where I had some good training sessions.
After two hard rainy days - when it couldn't almost be possible to run here in Primiero - today I tried to complete an hard session on the track. I'm glad I did it and I feel that it's surely one of those training that you will bring inside your pocket for a long time. Maybe I did better trainings in my past, but today I actually needed to finish it. Now I know I'm back on my way.

29. November 2012 (light rain)
AM: 20' warm up + 10x(500m @1'32'' + 1'20'' (300m) jogging) + 10x(1' jogging (200m) + 400m @1'11'') + 15' cool down
29. November 2012 - 10.30 a.m.

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