Thursday, December 13, 2012

Numbers: marathon preparations overview

Venezia, Torino, Reggio Emilia
Looking at my training diary and merging its own data, I got some interesting numbers that I would like to post and share. During my three experiences, my training programs were prepared by my coach Johnny Schievenin, who has been followed by me with (a lot of) flexibility. So, setting the target to the marathon, the numbers emerged from my preparation periods are outlined in the following sessions, considering only kilometers that have been actually run (i.e. sometimes I did additional circuit trainings or exercise bike sessions, but just few times -around 4-5 for each prepared marathon).

Venice Marathon 2010

Date: 24. October 2010
Starting point: 14m46s 5K on the track (May)
Preparation weeks: 13 (89 days, from 26. July to 23. October)
Training sessions: 134
Type of training: road running, mountain running, orienteering
Locations: Primiero (ITA), Padova (ITA)
Jogging/slow running sessions: 67 (46%)
Races: 8
Total kilometers: 1,971km
Max. weekly km: 203km
Total hours: 139h
Km per week: 151.5
Km per training session: 14.7km
Average daily kilometers: 22.1km
Average number of sessions per day: 1.5
Average speed: 4m14s/km
Max. distance (long interval training): 14.000m
Max. distance (short interval training): 7.200m
Max. distance (long running training): 31km
Best test: 1h07m27s (Bologna, 05. August)


Weather: Cloudy (6°C, 70% humidity)
Partials: 00:16:32 (5K), 00:33:09 (10K), 00:50:00 (15K), 01:10:25 (21,097), 01:23:26 (25K), 01:40:08 (30K), 01:56:43 (35K), 02:13:48 (40K), 02:20:55 (42,195)

Turin Marathon 2011

Date: 13. November 2011
Starting point: 8m15s 3K on the track, 1h07m18s half marathon (July)
Preparation weeks: 14 (97 days, from 08. August to 12. November)
Training sessions: 159
Type of training: road running, mountain running, orienteering
Locations: Primiero (ITA), Chambéry (FRA)
Jogging/slow running sessions: 89 (56%)
Races: 12
Total kilometers: 2,010km
Max. weekly km: 205km
Total hours: 149h
Km per week: 143.5
Km per training session: 12.6km
Average daily kilometers: 20.7km
Average number of sessions per day: 1.6
Average speed: 4m26s/km
Max. distance (long interval training): 12,000m
Max. distance (short interval training): 8,000m
Max. distance (long running training): 33km
Best test: 1h06m00s (Cremona half marathon, 16. October)


Weather: Foggy/Sunny (2°C, 80% humidity)
Partials: 00:32:26 (10K), 01:09:18 (21,097), 01:39:23 (30K), 02:19:33 (42,097)

Reggio Emilia Marathon 2012

Date: 09. December 2012
Starting point: 15m05s 5K on the track, 1h11m56s half marathon (September)
Preparation weeks: 11 (76 days, from 24. September to 08. December)
Training sessions: 114
Type of training: road running, mountain running
Locations: Primiero (ITA), Stockholm (SWE)
Jogging/slow running sessions: 70 (61%)
Races: 10
Total kilometers: 1,513
Max. weekly km: 184km
Total hours: 111
Km per week: 137.5km
Km per training session: 13.3km
Average daily kilometers: 19.9km
Average number of sessions per day: 1.5
Average speed: 4m25s/km
Max. distance (long interval training): 9,000m
Max. distance (short interval training): 9,200m
Max. distance (long running training): 42km
Best test: 1h10m21s (Paese half marathon, 11. November)


Weather: Sunny (-3°C, 30% humidity)
Partials: 00:09:31 (2.8K), 00:32:40 (10K), 00:49:21 (15K), 01:09:17 (21,097), 01:21:38 (25K), 01:38:30 (30K), 01:55:02 (35K), 02:19:49 (42,195)

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