Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ready for Reggio Emilia: what is done and what is missing

In few days I'm going to run the third marathon of my running career. My first experience was in Venice, two years ago. Last year I focused my energies for preparing the Turin Marathon while this year, since during the Summer I was physically weaker than both of the last two years, I've chosen the last Italian "big" marathon which is in the beginning of December, namely Reggio Emilia.
Every training preparation is by its own. However, I can try to compare my actual preparation with the previous marathons and look at what is done and what is missing.


Venice Marathon 2012
Total kilometers: differently than my last experiences, this year I ran more on the paths and less on the road, which compromised the total amount of kilometers that has been achieved during the preparation time. Anyway, from a runner viewpoint I think that the kilometers which have been run on the paths could be more valuable than the road ones.
Long training sessions: Considering the time period from the second half of September up to now, during the previous preparation times I ran more time long training sessions, without running actually more than 30km. This year I tried for the first time to insert a whole marathon as a medium speed running training. I ran Venice Marathon which actually gave me more confidence.
Maturity: I guess the last two experiences make me mentally stronger and more aware of my weaknesses. I should better understand my body and my limits, reducing the possibility to make some stupid mistakes on the race day. For instance, last year I expected to stay in a warm place before the start, but the organizers took us in a very cold tent (in was -2°C) and I had some problems with breakfast digestion, which made me feel bad in the second half of the race. I'm not going to fall into the same mistake anymore.


Half marathon: it could be strange to say, but in the second part of this year I didn't run any half marathon faster than my expected speed to cross the 21.097m line next Sunday. Last year I ran three high speed half marathon (Scorzè, Trento and Cremona). I should think about it...
Uphill trainings: the last two years I ran more medium speed trainings. Sometimes, I was used to run 20mins medium speed in the uphill. I didn't have such a training this year.
Long distance intervals: the preparation months didn't let me have a lot of long intervals trainings, comparing to the past years. The weather conditions in October and November weren't good enough for having the right long intervals mood.

Last Sunday I ran the 3rd edition of Prosecco Run, an hilly though competition tracked on the Prosecco grape fields nearby Treviso. I felt completely uncomfortable and I finished my race on 8th place (full results here), more than five minutes slower than the last year. Now it's time for me to rest and recover my legs.

Fortunately, next Sunday's weather conditions are smiling to all the runners, with a sunny forecast. However, the temperature will be quite cold (from -1°C to 2°C). Clearly, I have no clue about how it is going to be for me in Reggio Emilia, but I'll try to do my best.

At last, I'm feeling not afraid anymore about a possibility of failing the race, since I think I had another important sporting experience of my life. Every single little step will be just another brick on my personal pyramid of growing, based on my experiences. It doesn't matter whether you win or you lose, but fighting for what you think is an important challenge for your life at a given time is just the right thing to do.

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